White Mulberry Without Seeds 500g


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White mulberry has been gaining in popularity for some time,

especially among people who want to prevent high blood glucose levels or want to lose weight. For medicinal purposes, fruit, leaves and white mulberry root are used, each part of the plant has slightly different healing properties.

They fruits resemble raspberries or blackberries. They have a pleasant, sweet taste with a sour note.

The fruit has antioxidant, detoxifying, antibacterial and antiviral properties. They regulate the work of the intestines. They contain pectins, tannins and flavonoids. Used to support peptic ulcer disease.

Ingredients: dried mulberry

Nutritional values of white mulberry ​​per 100g

Energy value 1442kJ / 340kcal – 17% RWS *

Fat 1.5g – 2%

including saturated fatty acids 0g – 0%

Carbohydrates 75g – 29%

including sugars 38g – 42%

Protein 4.2 g – 8%

Fiber 5g

Salt 0.18g – 3%

* RWS – Reference Food Value


A perfect snack at home, on a trip, at school or at work. A great addition to muesli, oatmeal, cakes, ice cream and desserts.


Store in a dry, cool place.


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